SIN 871-7 (Construction Management)

SIN 874-1 (Integrated Management Consulting Services)

SIN 874-6 (Acquisition Support Services)

As a GSA  approved vendor, we offer the following labor categories of personnel and consultants at the following competitive hourly rates:

Click Here To Download Our Pricelist:  GSA PSS Pricelist

Business Consultant I $78.99
Business Consultant II $98.74
Subject Matter Expert - Contracting and Procurement I $78.99
Subject Matter Expert - Contracting and Procurement II $98.74
Analyst $78.99
Technical Writer $49.37
Project Manager $98.74
Trainer $49.37
Program Manager $118.48
Principal Consultant $113.55
Construction Manager I $78.99
Construction Manager II $93.80
Construction Site Inspector I $74.05
Construction Site Inspector II $88.86
Project Coordinator $44.43
Scheduler I $69.11
Scheduler II $83.92
Estimator I $78.99
Estimator II $91.82
Technical Specialist I $72.08
Technical Specialist II $85.90
Subject Matter Expert I $80.96
Subject Matter Expert II $89.85


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